The bible tells us there are two ways to give; Tithe and Offering. We give God His 10% tithe as an act of obedience. When we do, we invite Him into our finances and allow him to move in ways we can't. When we give God's tithe we are saying, we trust that God can do more with 90% than we can with 100% on our own.

Then, in addition to God's tithe, we give our best offering. For Radiant, that would be our REACH offering. This is where generosity happens. The Bible tells us in Acts 2:45, that the church is responsible for meeting the needs of those who require help. When we give to allow Radiant to meet needs in our community and around the world, God promises to meet all of our personal needs for food, shelter, and clothing. He will bless us even over and above that as we continue to be faithful to Him and generous in our giving.

There are 2 ways for you to give to Radiant Church:

  • In person during services at the church
  • Online

Click the button below to use our online site to give God His tithe and your best REACH offering.

Give Now

If you would like to donate a gift in kind, such as vehicles, furniture, or real estate, please contact us at: 

2018 REACH Faith Promise 

Partner with Radiant Church during 2018 as we continue to REACH our community, country, and world with the Good News of Jesus Christ! Be all in and say, "Yes Lord!" Click the button below to make a pledge today, in faith, believing God will provide so you can bless others as He has blessed you! 

Faith Promise

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